Top 5 reasons to Visit Gerona

Top 5 reasons to Visit Gerona

Are you on holidays in Barcelona? Make sure you go on a day trip to Gerona.

Gerona is a city located in the north-east of the Spanish autonomous region, Catalonia, and it is a very popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Barcelona and also because many European low costairlines operate to its airport. If you are planning a trip to Barcelona this year I would recommend you visit this city. Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Gerona.

Gerona is near Barcelona
Barcelona is just one hour and twenty minutes from Gerona and the train ticket is not expensive. The proximity between these cities has two main advantages. The first is that if you are staying in Barcelona, you can quite easily go to Gerona for the day and come back in the evening….and vice versa. The second advantage is that many tourists actually prefer to book low cost flights to Gerona airport with Ryanair because they are usually cheaper than flights to Barcelona. When they arrive in Gerona, they either spend a few days in the city or they get the bus from Gerona airport to Barcelona.

Top 5 reasons to Visit Gerona

There are beautiful beaches 
If you plan to spend a day or two in Gerona you have to take a bus to Tossa del Mar. This municipality is near Gerona and has beautiful beaches which people travel from afar to see. It is famous for its walled-in Old Town which has narrow cobble streets and a famous museum.

Gerona is an old city with lots of landmarks
It is easy to wander around and discover the city on foot. I think it is best to visit the north of the city first. Here you can embark on the archaeological walk and along the way you will see the old quarter, churches, the Banys Arabs (Arabic baths), Gerona Cathedral, museums and the Jewish quarter.

Gerona is down to earth 
One of the things that I love about Gerona is that it is more down to earth than Barcelona. Here you can find good restaurants which won’t charge you extortionate prices. Remember….ask the locals where to find a good restaurant and they will point you in the right direction.

Gerona is quiet
I also like Gerona because it is smaller than Barcelona and quieter so you can stay in the heart of the city and still get a good night sleep. You should also find nice accommodation at more reasonable rates.

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